About the author

Owain Lloyd is Business Intelligence and Analytics professional and data evangelist who has spent the vast majority of his life collecting, organising, transforming and analysing data.

He has over 10 years’ experience in financial services and currently heads the business intelligence team at a leading P&C insurer.

Why this site?

The world has and continues to experience a technological revolution when it comes to data. The amount of data we generate as we go about our daily lives is growing exponentially and the world of Business intelligence is rapidly being augmented with the world of data science.

This sites mission is to help lower the entry point for someone from a more traditional data background (Windows, relational databases, SQL etc) to the new and incredibly exciting world of big data and data science. I use my own data that I gather from around my house from my home automation projects, as well as publicly available data, as the subject matter.

I also branch out into my love for electronics and talk about the Arduino and Raspberry pi that run my house and everything I do here is built on hardware that you can buy from
amazon for about £30 a pop and open source software.

Outside of the world of data I have a wonderful family and spend our time playing, exploring and generally making lots of mess.